22 September 2010

Closed all positions on “Micro” accounts

Dear clients!

On September the 24th after the market has closed all positions on “Micro” accounts, the ones opened through old symbols (with the «-» at the end) will be transferred to the equal positions with new symbols.
We will not supply old symbols from September the 27th. Please, change all settings for trading robots and charts in time.

16 September 2010

Due to increased market volatility

Dear clients!

Due to increased market volatility, from the 20th September, on "Micro" accounts spread for some pairs can be raised during important economic and political News. Note - this may affect locked position, not covered fully by funds on your account.

25 Agustus 2010

Symbols in «XXXYYY-» format

Dear clients!

From 24.08.2010 symbols in usual format «XXXYYY» are able for trading at Micro accounts as current symbols in «XXXYYY-» format. From 06.09.2010 symbols in «XXXYYY-» format (like ‘EURUSD-‘, ‘GBPUSD-‘ and others) will be able in Close Only mode. 24.09.2010, after market close, all opened positions with «XXXYYY-» format symbols will be liquidated by market close price. There are no differences between old and current symbols, the change touch only the name of the symbols. We kindly ask Micro account owners to use new symbol’s format and change settings for trading robots.

25 Agustus 2010

MetaTrader 5

Dear Traders!

From 18th August 2010 we offer our clients trading through newest platform MetaTrader 5 by Metaquotes. It was designed to combine excellent ease of use and perfect performance and reliability.

29 Juli 2010

Trade servers

Dear clients!

On the 31st of July the accounts will be distributed to various trade servers in order to optimize the trade servers load and reduce the order processing time.

  • "Micro" accounts will be retained on "NordGroupInv-Real1" server,
  • Other accounts will be moved to "NordGroupInv-Real2" server.

The member's area upgrade will be carried out after dividing the accounts. Therefore, access to the member's area will be closed from July, 31 to August, 1.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

19 Juli 2010

Swaps at EURTRY an USDTRY pairs

Dear clients!

Swaps at EURTRY an USDTRY pairs will be changed from 19th of July.

12 Juli 2010

New Client agreement enters into force

Dear clients!

9 Juli 2010

Mini and Classic are united in one

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that in order to improve trading conditions, since Monday, 12th of July, accounts "Mini" and "Classic" are united in one, called "Standard". The new trading account consists only of the best, taken from previous ones - the small initial deposit for trade from 0.1 lot, all currency pairs are available, instant execution - everything that is so appreciated by clients of NordFX. Moreover, as a result of productive work with liquidity providers, the better quotes will be available on new account. Now tics with spread less than 1.0 pip on major currency pairs will meet even more often!

If you are an owner of "Mini" or "Classic" account, you should do nothing to begin your work on "Standard" one. All improvements will be added to your account automatically. We hope that our work will help each trader to earn on Forex more!

7 Juli 2010

Up to 20% of commission of MT-ECN accounts.

Dear Partners!

As part of the Affiliate Program remuneration for MT-ECN accounts has adjusted - up to 20% of commission of MT-ECN accounts.

27 Juni 2010

New trading account type - MT-ECN

Dear clients!

Because of Currenex professional platform demand is lower than on the same product, realized through MT4 platform, we are pleased to announce new trading account type - MT-ECN. Also due to client's transfers from Currenex accounts to new MT-ECN accounts economic feasibility of the proposal of direct access to the Currenex platform falls. Therefore, we close the registration of new accounts on 28th June and resume clients service after the establishment of a strong demand for this platform.

7 Mei 2010

We improve trade conditions for Micro accounts

Dear clients!

Since June 5, we improve trade conditions for "Micro" accounts. Additional currency pairs available previously only on the senior types of accounts, reduced spreads, increased 20 times maximum lot - now trading with "Micro" accounts is extremely convenient!

27 April 2010

Convinced of the advantages of direct trade on specialized platform

Dear clients!

Almost all our clients who prefer trading on Futures markets have convinced of the advantages of direct trade on specialized platform for the last 2 months of using originally futures CQG terminal. Thereby popularity of futures trading via MT4 platform has decreased and from the 11.05.2010 futures maintenance on platform MT4 will be stopped with intent to optimize MT server capacity. We won't add access to the futures trading on MT4 accounts from the 27th of April.

19 April 2010

Affiliate Program and a fully-featured partners section

Dear clients!

NordFX is glad to announce the launch of the renewed Affiliate Program and a fully-featured partners section in the member's area. Now everyone can arrange their own business to attract clients and get up to 30% of the spread of each client's transaction.

For all existing affiliates are now available detailed client's statistics, detailed statistics on commissions and complete traffic statistics.

More information about the new features can be obtained in the member's area.

7 April 2010

MetaTrader 5 Demo Accounts!

Dear Clients!

Since 07.04.2010 NordFX has provided possibility of free demo accounts beta testing of MetaTrader 5. Try new trading platform before its official release!

MetaTrader 5 - is a new version of the world's most popular trading platform.

You have a great chance to:

  • get acquainted with all the new functions of the system;
  • study the new features of the MetaTrader 5 client terminal and MQL5;
  • send us your comments or suggestions regarding the system;
  • assist to implement those features and options, that your want to have in the new MetaTrader 5 trading system;

24 Maret 2010


Dear Clients!

Start of the first contest stage - 29.03.2010 02:00 (server time);

10 Maret 2010

New NordFX member s area. Designed for comfortable and enjoyable work!

Dear Clients!

NordFX Company is glad to present you new member's area, which is designed to present full information properly and make it acceptable for user. Here you can easily interact with the company and your trade account due to wide spectrum of available functions; user friendly and intuitively understandable interface helps making your search easier and work process becomes comfortable.


16 Desember 2009

Schedule of trading sessions for the Christmas and New Year holidays!

Dear Clients!

Please review this schedule of trading sessions for the Christmas and New Year holidays:

  Date     CET 
  18:00   Trading is closed (stopped)
  From 24.12.2009
  to 27.12.2009
  Trading is closed for all markets
  00:00   Trading will be opened 
  according to modified trading terms *
  18:00   Trading is closed
  From 30.12.2009
  to 03.01.2010
  Trading is closed for all markets
  00:00   Trading will be opened
  according to normal trading terms

* Spread sizes for all financial instruments included in the quote list will be increased threefold compared to their usual values stated in the contract specifications of Micro accounts from 28.12.2009 to 30.12.2009. Stop and limit sizes will be increased threefold compared to their usual values. Margin requirements for all Forex trading instruments will be tripled. For CFD instruments, margin requirements will remain the same. Levels of margin-call and stop out will be doubled and become 80/40% for Micro and Mini accounts and 100/60% for Classic and Premium accounts. 


18 September 2009

2009-09-18 News

As we experience significant increase in our clients' need for liquidity, since September, 21st, 2009 we will connect a number of new counterparties to our quotes. This fact will help to execute bigger orders for better prices represented at the market. MetaTrader clients will have better spreads for most currency pairs, maximum lot 10 per trade for "mini", as well as 2 times reduced levels of stops, limits and "freeze". We hope such changes will make your trading more comfortable.

13 Juli 2009

The number of instruments at MT4 platform has been increased to 73.

Dear MT4 users!

As we have new contractors, the number of instruments at MT4 platform has been increased to 73. There are 44 currency pairs, available for classic and premium) account types, 29 CFD on futures. Click here to know more about trading CFD on futures using MetaTrader4.

7 Juli 2009


Klien Yang terhormat!

We've added a EUR-accounts in the trader's office. Now you can open a trading account in both dollars and euros.

30 Juni 2009

MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal

Dear Clients!

We are proud to introduce MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal. MultiTerminal is the ideal choice for investors and managers, for traders who work with several accounts at the same time.

MultiTerminal provides all MT4 features (orders placing and modification, partial or complete closing positions, receiving broker emails, news updates) and has the familiar MT4 interface.

The only difference between MultiTerminal and MT4 is the ability to manage several accounts at the same time. MultiTerminal gives you the opportunity to distribute order volume across accounts in order to place the necessary volume for every single order. Choose between equal distribution or let the program distribute funds automatically based on the funding ratio.

MultiTerminal gives the investor security, because all of the manager's actions are processed at investor's account to allow easy control over the manager. Confidentiality is guaranteed with Advanced Security technology.

Multi-Terminal is a simple and multifunctional product that allows even the most inexperienced user to start using it quickly and easily, using Meta Trader 4 for market analysis and MultiTerminal for trading.

We recommend you to study user's guide and test the program on demo account before real trading.

6 Mei 2009

Changes in trading conditions

Klien Yang terhormat!

Disebabkan meningkatnya permintaan untuk simbol EURGBP dalam waktu illiquid (perdagangan sesi Asia), sejak 11 Mei 2009 sebaran tetap akan menjadi 5 poin dalam jenis rekening mikro. Waktu yang sama, kami melepaskan semua pembatasan tentang Scalping pada semua jenis rekening. Scalping diperbolehkan di semua jenis rekening, termasuk mikro.

24 Maret 2009

Our quote provider s been changed therefore FX futures

Klien Yang terhormat!

Kutipan selular kami telah berubah karena itu FX Futures, tenaga dan logam masa depan dapat diperdagangkan hanya dalam terminal Strategi Runner. Saat ini tersedia 9 CFDs untuk perdagangan (untuk jenis rekening Premium dan Klasik) di terminal Mt4. Logam dan energi masa depan akan ditambahkan pada 25/03/2009. Segera setelah kutipan uap kami telah stabil, untuk E-mikro kontrak CME (ukuran lot ~ 10 000 USD) 6 FX CFDs dapat dibuka pada mini account.

15 Januari 2009

Perubahan kondisi perdagangan untuk rekening mini .

Klien Yang terhormat!

Harap diperhatikan bahwa sejak 15 Januari kami akan meningkatkan perdagangan untuk kondisi rekening "mini":

  • Menyebar pada pasangan mata uang utama mengurangi 1pip;
  • Minimal lot berkurang ke 0,1;
  • Jumlah maksimum posisi buka dan menunggu pesanan meningkat menjadi 50;

10 Desember 2008

Schedule of trading sessions for the Christmas and New Year holidays!

Klien Yang terhormat!

Harap memperhatikan jadwal perdagangan ini untuk sesi liburan Natal dan Tahun Baru:

  Tanggal     GMT+2 
  20:00   penutupan perdagangan
  Dari 25.12.2008
  ke 28.12.2008
  Perdagangan ditutup untuk semua pasar
  00:00   Dagang buka 
  istilah perdagangan dibawah modifikasi *
  19:00   Perdagangan ditutup
  Dari 01.01.2009
  ke 04.01.2009
  Perdagangan ditutup untuk semua pasar
  00:00   Perdagangan membuka 
  istilah perdagangan di bawah normal

10 Desember 2008

Work schedule of Financial Department in New Year holidays.

Klien Yang terhormat:
Dengan rincian sebagai berikut jadwal kerja Departemen Keuangan dalam liburan.

Akhir hari kerja di Departemen Keuangan adalah 12/28/2008 pada pukul 6 pagi. Departemen Keuangan akan buka lagi pada 01/05/2008. Penarikan dana ke rekening dihentikan pada 12/28/2008 dan dilanjutkan kembali pada 01/11/2009. Akhir permintaan akan diproses pada tanggal 12/26/2008. Penarikan dana untuk sistem pembayaran berhenti pada 12/28/2008 pukul 6 pagi dan kembali pada 01/05/2009. 

Silakan mengirimkan permintaan penarikan anda pada waktu yang tepat. 

15 November 2008

Transfer Uang melalui Moneybookers

Klien dapat mentransfer uang keluar dan masuk dari rekening mereka melalui Moneybookers. 

Moneybookers adalah peminpin pembayaran online internasional dan sistem transfer dana elektronik dibwah wewenang hukum UK dan UE dan diatur oleh Financial Services Authority (FSA) di UK. 

Sistem yang luas di Eropa Timur dan telah membentuk sebuah reputasi untuk menjadi aman dan cara mudah untuk mentransfer uang. Moneybookers adalah salah satu sarana yang paling nyaman artinya pemindahan uang ke rekening bank, kartu kredit atau cek. 

Informasi lengkap dapat ditemukan di situs resmi perusahaan:

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